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In the chill of 2012 Dave and Jack filed for involuntary redundancy and took up residence in an abandoned building somewhere in the North East of England, known only to the locals as “Scunthorpe”. It became clear they were not alone when Harley was found licking moss for sustenance in a dark corner. This, coupled with wild man Shez appearing, gave them only one option. Form a band! With crude instruments fashioned from spit and gaffer tape they attempted to make enough noise so that everyone left or paid them to stop. After eleventeen pints of journeying to space, Harley, Jack, Shez and Dave accidentally staggered onto the stage of the local pub. In a scene reminiscent of a Carry On film they had to perform for the baying crowd. You, yes you, are witness to the outcome of that night and can support its endeavours by dropping a blank cheque into the stamped addressed envelope provided. Mostly written on discarded beer mats, OneUnder play a blend of strong alcohol and painkillers that would kill most mortals. Created in a lab by Albert Einstein's sister's husband's half brother, they stalk the universe seeking the perfect Greggs Steak bake. Occasionally busking for change, OneUnder say they've had your mum. So underground, no one knows what they look like, OneUnder have big claims to make. “My Mum heard us practise in the shed once, she said it was alright.” Guitarist Jack announced last night. “If you smoke a joint and walk into a door frame it sounds amazing.” Dave, vocalist, declared proudly to press last Friday. “Do you have the time?” a man in a street proclaimed in Portsmouth seven years ago. Clearly, we haven't heard the last of these chaps. OneUnder, because Northerners have feelings too.

Who are they?

We will be digging a little deeper into, who these four gent's from Scunthorpe are !!

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