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As you may have noticed, we have decided to re-vamp the old web site.

We will be uploading new photos, music and videos.

Well its the new year and we have a flood of gigs coming in, this is a very good start to the new year, we will be posting details of these up and coming dates and venues.

Clicking the Read More button will take you to the news page, where we will have all gig details and other exciting news.

Also coming soon, new videos and new recordings.

Help us..


We will be starting a PATREON Subscribtion. This will start in the new year. The idea is you subscribe with a small amount or larger amount and in return we give back to you. The resons for this is simple, everyone wants you to play for free or nearly free, but bands do have expensise which we need pay, thepPossible returns could be.


£1 per month could be new music downloads

£5 per month could be physical version copies of the albums

£10 per month could be videos,Music t-shirt.

£50 per month could get you studio time,the music, a song written for you.


As you can see the possabilaties are endless, and we will publish the final draft of what you subscribtion will get.

New Music


Currently we are working on finishing the second album, and also writing the third, there are also some covers that are now ready to be put into the rehearsal stage..

Its Video Time

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